Google Brings New Imaginary Wallpaper Collection to Chromebooks

Google Chromebooks is now coming with a new wallpaper collection that is known as “Imaginary” that introduces 12 colorful new images to Chrome OS. Each background has an amazing, fun, digitally-sculpted scene.

Google Brings New Imaginary Wallpaper Collection to Chromebooks

The digital artist Leo Natsume has designed the wallpapers. There are clay people or personified things in a variety of scenes and situations and are titled as follows:

  • The Savanna’s Band
  • All in Bloom
  • Best friends
  • Next Level!
  • Castle of Imagination
  • Goal
  • New Dance
  • Reading and Dreaming
  • The Date
  • Hanging Around
  • Creator and Robot
  • Birthday Memento

If any user wants to apply any wallpaper, they can simply right click the desktop on their Chromebook and select “Set wallpaper,” then choose “Imaginary” in the side menu.

The new collection is available beneath “Landscapes” and above “Element.” This is a server-side rollout, so must be available for all models of Chromebook models. If it is not visible right away, then try to reopen the wallpaper picker or restart your laptop.

In the latest wallpapers, you will get to see Cityscapes, Landscapes, Element, Made by Canvas, Collage, Composition, Leisure, Dessert time, Colors, Illustrations, Art, and Solid colors. For this campaign, Natsume has collaborated with companies including Facebook and Adobe. With a smooth, clay-like style, he has created a diverse cast of people, animals, monsters, fruits, and vegetables. This particular collection has highlighted the happy moments.

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