Google Celebrates 19th Birthday with Epic Doodle Full of Surprises

Google has the habit of giving tributes to well known and excelling people from every field. Today is 19th birthday of of Google. On its 19th anniversary, Google has given surprise games to its users. Google Celebrates 19th Birthday with Epic Doodle Full of Surprises.

In 1997 Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, met at Stanford University and decided to come up with a system to organised the world’s information. Setting up office in a garage they got to work. The search engine now has 4.5 billion users in 160 countries.

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It takes players back to its memorable doodle games. It asks you to spin the wheel and play interactive browser games from the past 19 years.

Google Celebrates 19th Birthday with Epic Doodle Full of Surprises

Upon clicking today’s Doodle, Google will take you to a surprise world where you can explore 10 games. These surprise games include brand new Snake Game and other games like tic tac toe, Earth day quiz and Pac Man.

One can play these games by searching on google with respective name or by just searching “Google birthday surprise spinner“. By searching this a wheel will appear and one can give a try by spinning the wheel.

Spin the wheel and explore 19 games on Google’s 19 birthday. Enjoy!

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