Google Celebrates 50 Years of Moon Landing with a Doodle

The search engine giant, Google usually celebrate special days with a doodle, and today it is the jubilating  50th anniversary of the Moon landing. It is a proud moment for everyone as this was the very first time; the first human has landed to the moon. The spaceflight which has gone on the moon was Apollo 11. This time Google has created a very interactive video kind of Doodle. I would recommend everyone to show it to children so that they should get to know about it in the visual form. It is not the first time the Moon landing anniversary is celebrated through Google Doodle. Previously it was observed in the year 2005.

Google Doodle celebrating the First step on Neil Armstrong on Moon

For this Doodle, Google has collaborated with NASA, which permitted it to share the journey of the moon with a short animated video. The best thing about this video is that Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins dubs it. 

So in the video, Collis takes users along with him from the morning of July 16, 1969. Apollo 11 landed on the moon on July 20, 1969. Neil Armstrong became the very first human setting his step on the moon. Total of three astronauts has gone there who returned to earth on July 25, 1969. Soon all of them became memorable figures, and later on, they contributed to a various scientific breakthrough which made their position even better than before.

Here’s the video:

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