Google Chat Adds Dark Theme

Google Chat for Android and iOS is now receiving a dark theme. In 2017, when the app becomes functional, it featured a bright background with green accents. Now, it is offering “popular feature that’s frequently requested by users.” a dark theme.

With the dark theme, Google is giving you better viewing experience in low-light conditions. So users can get better night time usage. Like other G Suite applications, the app adopts the same shade of dark gray, though the bottom bar is slightly lighter.

Google Chat Adds Dark Theme

“We’re enhancing Google Chat on Android and iOS with dark theme support. Dark theme is a popular feature that’s frequently requested by users. It creates a better viewing experience in low-light conditions by reducing brightness,” the company says.

Turn dark mode on or off

To save your mobile device’s battery, you can use the dark theme in Google Chat.

iPhone & iPad:

  1. Open the Chat app "".
  2. At the top, tap Menu ""and thenSettings Settings.
  3. Tap Theme.
  4. Select the theme for this device:
    • Light—White background with dark text.
    • Dark—Black background with light text.
    • System default—Uses the iOS device’s setting.

Changing the theme in Chat doesn’t change the theme in any other apps.


Google Chat uses the dark theme setting for your Android device. The dark theme for Chat is available only with Android 10.0 or higher.

  1. On your Android device, tap Settings Settingsand then Display.
  2. Turn Dark theme on or off.


  • Available to all G Suite customers

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