Google Chrome Download Shortcut Picks Up Some Slick UI Tweaks

Just recently, we learned that Google Chrome is getting a new icon with platform-specific changes. Now we came to know that Google Chrome is testing a new download shortcut. According to some leaks, Google has now added a loading circle around the download icon in Chrome’s toolbar. The ring will appear during active downloads and fill based on download progress.

Google Chrome Download Shortcut Picks Up Some Slick UI Tweaks

After completion, a new button will take the place of the ring. For now, the button remains blue after a download is completed. When implemented, the icon will turn from blue to grey when the button is pressed or about 1 minute after the download is completed.

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Moreover, when you will click on the new download icon, it will bring up a dialogue box showing your most recent downloads. There will be a button to take you to your past downloads page. All of this UI change is still experimental, so the old bottom download bar remains the default option for users on the stable Chrome channel.

It will still take some time to try out this feature. Most probably this feature will roll out for Chrome Canary first. But don’t worry, we will get this feature in the near future.

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Source: AndroidPolice

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