Google Chrome For Android Will Soon Feature "Explore UI"

A few days back, we came to know that Google Chrome For Android has Dropped its Support for 32 million Android Devices. This bad news was for all the Android Jelly Bean users who had version 4.1-4.3. Google has been working to bring changes in all its applications to make things easier and simpler for their users. Recently, we came to know that Google is testing a new “Explore UI” feature for Android Users of Chrome.

Google Chrome For Android Will Soon Get Explore UI while opening a new Tab

The Explore feature introduces a new layout when opening a new tab. It helps you explore topics and websites based on your interests and browsing history. This new Explore feature is under testing right now. The users will soon get this on their Android Chrome app. However, the good part of the news is that you can test it out by yourself right now. Yes! It’s true. Google has made it possible for all the Android users to test this feature without needing to install Chrome Beta or Chrome Canary. In order to experience the new layout follow the steps written below:

  • Head over to your Chrome app for Android
  • Open a new tab
  • Then type in chrome://flags
  • Search for the Explore websites flag
  • It should be set to default so change it to enabled
  • Re-launch the app
  • Again open a new tab
  • Enjoy the explore UI

After following the steps written above you will be welcomed with suggestions for articles. There will be tons of articles to be explored. Furthermore, they will be according to your interests based on your history what you have searched in the past. Here’s how it looks.

So, if you want to test this new user interface then just go ahead and check. However, there are no words by the company about its global rollout yet.

Laiba Mohsin

Laiba is an Electrical Engineer seeking a placement to gain hands-on experience in relevant areas of telecommunications. She likes to write about tech and gadgets. She loves shopping, traveling and exploring things.
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