Google Chrome Postpones third-party cookies removal to 2023

Google had set a goal of third-party app cookies removal in 2020. Till now the company is working on it and now it has postponed it for another couple of years till 2023.

Google wants its brand to be shielded with privacy. In an effort to do so, it wants to bring awareness among people. this plan contradicts Google’s ways of making money as the company uses Adsense and advertising services to make money which is totally based on collecting data.

Though it’s a tricky situation, but with the Privacy Sandbox initiative that was announced in 2019, it seems like Google is trying to balance the app’s privacy and monetary values.

Google Chrome Postpones third-party cookies removal to 2023

The reason for this delay is that Google is searching for certain Key Technologies by the end of the year 2022. When the company is able to complete its working, it will be waving goodbye to third-party app cookies.

The company has shared a two-step plan regarding the working of this action plan. Google revealed that after the testing is complete and APIs are launched in Chrome, it will announce the initiation of Stage 1. During this stage, publishers and advertising companies will be given time to migrate their services. This process will last for nine months and then the company will move to stage 2. During this stage, Chrome will slowly phase out support for third-party cookies for a three-month period finishing in late 2023.

Though we cannot think that Google will completely turn its platform into a private entity as it also has to earn some money but definitely these steps will make difference.

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