Google Contacts 3.2 Adds Dark Theme for Android Users

After years of remaining ignorant, Google finally appears to shift to dark themes. It is evident now as many of its apps are getting fark mode treatment. This is further confirmed as the latest update to Google Contacts has a dark mode toggle.

Just like other Google Apps with dark themes, the background of this app is also dark grey and not black. However, it is still better than nothing. Google contact functions the same way as it used to do before besides just turning the background from white to grey.

If you have a developer setting “Set Night mode” on the “Always on” toggle then you won’t have to control the dark theme of Google contacts. It means dark mode will automatically switch on with no way to switch it to the light mode.
Just recently Google ensured that the dark mode has a positive effect on the battery of the phone.  However, there’s still no word on whether or not there will ever be a system-wide dark mode baked right into Android.
Google keeps on introducing new features and improvements to all its Apps. The company always tries to engage its users. A few days back, Google introduced live album feature for Google photos users. Then, it has introduced a time-saving trick for its Google Docs App. After that, Google brought some changes to its Maps App. Now, we have come to know that the company is planning to replace the older version of Contacts App with all-new Google Contacts Web App.

Fizza Atique

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