Google Declines to Remove Controversial Saudi App ‘Absher’

Google has simply refused to remove the Absher, a controversial government app from Saudi Arabia, from the app store. According to Google that the app is not violating the policies of its Play Store.

The app basically allows men to track and control women who travel. The US Representatives Speier, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and 11 others have requested that Apple and Google should remove the app. However, Google has declined to remove the app.

Google Declines to Remove Controversial Saudi App ‘Absher’

Speier was quoted as saying:

“The responses received so far from Apple and Google are deeply unsatisfactory. As of today, the Absher app remains available in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store even though they can easily remove it,”

Well, Apple didn’t decide anything yet whether it is removing the app or not from its app store. The human rights groups such as Amnesty International have also shown their dissatisfaction and criticized both Google and Apple for not removing the app from their platforms.

Google has reviewed the app named Absher and confirmed that it is not violating any agreement, and that’s why it can remain on the Google Play store.

Other than allowing Saudi men to track female dependents and control their movement, the app also allows Saudi users to access government services, letting them apply for jobs or permits, pay fines, renew licenses, or to report crimes.

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