Google Discloses a Vulnerability Flaw in Windows Kernel Cryptography Driver

Google has disclosed there is a weakness in the Windows Kernel Cryptography Driver. This is being demoralized to have access to the targeted system and to make changes to the system. This specific vulnerability works only in combination with the Google Chrome flaw.

According to some official reports, this exposure and openness are seen in grouping with Chrome vulnerability. The Windows Kernel Cryptography Driver flaw has been found and was present in Windows 7, but no testing was made at that time in regard to this.

Google Discloses a Vulnerability Flaw in Windows Kernel Cryptography Driver

This flaw and weakness were later tested in the latest updated Windows 10 1903(64-bit). As per the official analysis and reports provided by the journalists, Shane Huntley said, the Director of Google’s Threat Analysis Group, that this is specific target threat and it has nothing to do with US election-related targeting.

Furthermore, in the context of this, Help Net Security revealed a report showing that it is totally a targeted flaw, and not all of the Chrome and Windows users will be harmed and get affected.

Google patched Chrome, and other Chromium-based browsers have started from October 20 and still working on it. It is also heard in the news forum that Microsoft is going to release a patch on November 10. This is not widespread and only here to target specific aspects, which clearly means and shows that not all the users will be affected by this.

In a report presented by the Microsoft spokesman, he shared that the whole sequence of the misuse was seen with Chrome, which was recently patched on October 20. Other browsers that were built on Chromium like Opera and Microsoft Edge were patched along with Chrome on October 21 and 22 respectively.

The Windows Kernel Cryptography Driver exposure CVE-2020-17087 has been revealed by Google’s Project Zero team technical lead Ben Hawks on Twitter.

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