Google Drive to Hit 1 Billion Users by End of This Week

Google is one of the few companies whose services are preferred to use by billion of users across the world. One of it services, Google Drive to hit 1 billion users later this week.

The announcement came from the Google Cloud Next conference in San Francisco. Google announced that ‘Google Drive’ will be its eighth service to cross one billion mark of daily active users. Android OS has a user base of more than 2 billion.

Google Drive to Hit 1 Billion Users this Week

Google Drive will be the eighth Google product to cross the billion-user threshold after Android, Chrome, Gmail, Maps, the Play Store, search, and YouTube.

Usually, Google releases these numbers at its annual I/O conference. Last year at I/O, the company announced that the Google Drive has crossed 800 million daily active users and stores over 2 trillion files. This year, Google did not anything at I/O. It indicates that they were waiting for this milestone to be achieved first.

Drive was launched in 2012 by Google and since then, it has been improving the service. Google made it easier for its users to access the Drive cloud-storage service on the Chrome browser by introducing relevant applications of Drive – Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentations to the Chrome Web Store.

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