Google Duo Gets Tablet Support for Android and iPad Users

Google Duo is video chat app, which is now getting video calling support for Android tablets and iPad. This app was launched in August 2016, but has been limited to smartphones. The video calling update is rolling out to all Android tablet and iPad users over the next few days, so check for updates regularly. A few months back, only selected Android tablet users got the new tablet interface, but now all Android and iPad users are getting this support.

This update brings the functionality to larger screens by improving its usefulness for Android and iPad users. Now you will be able to make high-quality video calls between devices.

Now make Video Calls With Google Duo in iPads & Tablets

It is amazing that Google is working to update Duo, and it seems that Duo would leave Allo chat far behind. Almost a year ago, Google announced that Duo had hit 100 million downloads, that means Google Duo is preferred by people even more and its usage is increasing day by day.

The clear advantage of this new update in Google duo that it works on both iOS and Android devices. So Duo users can talk and enjoy chat with their friends who are using iPhones and iPads. Using the app is easy, you only have to tap on a contact’s avatar to make a video call.

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