Google Duo Update Allows Users to Export Call History

Google Duo Update 32 finally enables call exporting through CSV files. This feature was already discovered in a code of older versions of the app however it needed Android Debug Bridge to be Accessed. The latest update allows users to access feature without any workarounds.

Now export Call history with Google Duo

Google Duo was launched in 2016 and from that time it has witnessed an ever-increasing number of users. Duo was launched to compete with face time and WhatsApp. The app allows users to keep in touch with their friends via video or voice calls.

The app features end-to-end encryption and uses phone numbers to set up contacts instead of Google IDs. The app has unique features like Knock Knock, which allows users to see the live image of the caller before picking up a call to avoid online harassment or spam callers.

Call exporting can be reached through UI by clicking on the overflow menu placed on the top right corner. By clicking on the help and feedback menu, users will get access to export call history option. Th export menu allows users to copy the whole call log into their clipboard and one can also email it using Gmail app. These contacts can also be exported to Google Apps like drive etc.  All of the options retain the CSV formatting style and includes data like contact names, phone numbers and call information.

This brand new function/ feature will act as a server-side addition into the app rather than a Google Play store or Apple App Store update. All people with Google Duo version 32 or above must be able to see the alternative that is brand-new the Help and Support menu and export their contact logs. Users that do not have Google Duo can install the application on any supported Android devices through the Google Play store or Apple App Store to try the movie out calling app.

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