Google Earth Timelapse is Now Available on Mobile

In the year 2013, for the very first time, Google released a timelapse visualization of the Earth. In 2016, it received an update, that brought a better visualization built on interactive experience. That allows users to explore changes to the Earth’s surface. Now Google has introduced a new update by adding two additional years of imagery to this time-series visualization and also brings it on mobile. Now people will be able to explore the last 35 years of earth.

People can now experience the Google Earth Timelapse, both on their mobiles and tablets.

Google Earth Timelapse is Now Available on Mobile

According to the blog post shared by the company:

Up until now, mobile browsers had disabled the ability to autoplay videos, which is very important for viewing time-lapse videos. But with the new update, Chrome and Firefox have added support for autoplay videos, thus allowing Google to add mobile and tablet support.

The interface of Google Earth Timelapse is very clean and easy to use, it is based on Google’s material design language. Moreover, a new “Maps Mode” toggle has been added for mobile and tablet users that will allow users to navigate the map through Google Maps.

More interestingly, if people enter the coordinates or address of their home or workplace, Timelapse will show how much their location has changed over the last three decades.

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