Google Facilitates You in Knowing Ramzan Prayers Time

Hey dear readers! Ramzan Mubarak to all of you. We know that you all must be so excited for this blessing month of Ramzan and would be so conscious about your prayers timings. In this blessing month, it is necessary for every Muslim that not to miss out any prayer and should offer all the prayers on time. Well, in all Islamic countries, Azan is the perfect call for prayers but those who are not living in Islamic countries must be confused about the prayers timings. Thanks to Google, it is facilitating all the Muslims in knowing Ramzan prayers time across the globe.

Google Tells You About Ramzan Prayers Time

Moreover, it is also beneficial for those who are living in the far-flung areas of Islamic countries where the sound of azan is unreachable. They can check the proper prayers timings in Ramzan on Google. We have checked the prayers timings of different areas and it gave us the perfect results accordingly. Let us share the screenshots, you can take a trip over them.


You can see from the above screenshots how easily you can find out the prayers timings of any area not only in Pakistan but in the world. No doubt, Google is facilitating all the Muslims around the globe in such an amazing way. We are appreciating this act of Google.

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