Google Files for Another Under-Display Camera Technology

On the internet a news circulated that Google had filed for a patent right for the under-display camera technology, back in May 2021. Though that technology has not yet come to existence. Instead, a second screen placed opposite to the selfie camera and a mirror placed exactly between both, called the sub-display technology was used. The sub-display technology is expensive and ultimately results in increase of the handset’s price. Now a recent development is that Google has filed for another under-display camera technology, which might be cost-effective and the new Google Pixel 7 may be equipped with it.

According to United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the Google’s patent was filed on August 31, 2021. The new type under-display camera patent was filed for a “large full-screen experience”. It is not yet confirmed whether it is cost-effective or not but till now it being projected as a “small non-emissive” part of selfie camera cut-out, allowing the light to fall on the selfie sensor.

This technology is not completely new. A similar technology was used by Samsung in Galaxy Z Fold 3. The inventor of this technology Mr. Sangmoo Choi had worked for Samsung in the past. Samsung back in 2017 has filed for a similar technology patent. For the similarities with the Samsung’s 2017’s patent, this new Patent had some conflicting issues. The reason for the similarities could be both technologies had the same inventor.

For this technology, OLED display will be used. The non-emissive screen will let the sensor get sufficient light offering better quality photos and the emissive part of the screen will radiate light, which will end up hiding the camera cut-out.

Only time will decide, whether the large full screen will be available in the new Pixel phones. And there is a possibility that new Google Pixel 7 may have the new under-display camera technology with a large full-screen display.

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