Google Go will Now Read Web Pages Aloud in 28 Languages

Last month, Google announced some new features coming to various apps in its suite of Android Go products. One of those products was Google Go. This product reads web pages aloud. Google has rolled out this feature around the globe today. This feature supports 28 languages out of the box.

Google Go works on 2G connections

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The Google Go feature that will read text aloud. This feature is useful for the people who have trouble reading or can not read the page in the original language of the web page. As the app reads the text of a web page, it will highlight the words as it goes, creating a good audio/visual connection to help people through language barriers.

The technology in Google Go works on 2G connections. Also, it uses minimal cellular data. It relies on artificial intelligence to condense written passages into only the important bits, cutting down on listening/reading time.

Google is also hoping to bring this feature in other products in the future. Let’s see when we will see this technology in other products.

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