Google Home app Latest Update gets Dark Theme

The dark mode is an old story now as most of the apps have already incorporated it to help people with controlled battery usage. Though Google has also added the same functionality to most of its app, Google Homes was neglected until now. The company has announced that soon it will be equipping the Google Home app with a suitable dark mode.

The latest update to Google Home has brought this long-awaited feature for both Android and iOS users. So users who want to enjoy battery saving mode or dark mode need to update the app to version 2.27 of Google Home which included a system-wide dark theme that can be enabled from the setting menu of the app.

Google Home app Latest Update gets a dark theme

There is only one issue. The dark theme is not independent of your device right now. Right now the app is more interested in launching this feature however the polishing will be done later on.  The best thing is that the new dark theme is a great blessing for the user’s eyes. Nowadays all the issues associated with eyes are linked to mobile devices. So, if all the app launches such kind of feasibility, that will put less strain on users’ eyes.

Google Home Android users need to download the updated app directly from the play store in order to enjoy the new changes to the app. On the other hand, iOS users do not need to download anything to get dark mode feature instead, instead, they will receive it through a server-side update.

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