Google Homeschooling Features to Hit Smart Displays & Speakers

During the pandemic, Google is making it easier for families, that are homeschooling their children, by expanding the capabilities of its Assistant on smart displays and speakers.

The new Family Bell feature is an alarm-like reminder that can be broadcast from a Nest Home smart display or speaker at a time set by parents.

Google Homeschooling Features to Hit Smart Displays & Speakers

Family Bell will give a reminder to the families when it’s time to start schooling or get ready for bed. A Family Bell is functional through the Assistant app on a phone. Parents can set when it will go off and repeat on specific days. They can also choose which smart display or smart speaker will run the program.

Parents are also able to program the Family Bell alerts through “Hey Google” voice commands, but after that, any management has to be carried through the Assistant app.

A Nest smart display or speaker will also announce when it’s time to start the school day. It also show education-themed graphics. It starts working when you say “Hey Google, the school’s in session” or “Start the school day,” and you will get to see the special visuals.

The tech giant is also expanding the Broadcast feature, which is allowing you to blast a custom alert to all of the Nest speakers in your home.

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