Google Honors Women’s Firsts on International Women’s Day

Today, Google is celebrating the annual International Women’s Day by showing a series of firsts throughout the history of women.

A video Doodle honors and pays homage to women who dared to open doors for themselves and ‘chose to challenge’ society to fulfill their dreams and achieve their goals.

Google Honors Women’s Firsts on International Women’s Day

The Doodle also highlighted those women’s hands that opened the doors for women today, including those of the first women to cast a vote and other activists. In today’s Doodle, Google also highlighted the pioneering female scientists, writers, athletes and artists from around the world. The theme for International Women’s Day (8 March) this year is “#ChooseToChallenge.”

Helene Leroux has illustrated today’s International Women’s Day Doodle for 2021 who got inspired from her own grandmother to create the images adorning global Google homepages.

“The theme “Women Firsts” especially resonated with me. My great grandmother (who I remember drawing with when I was a child) was an incredible artist, but she was never really allowed to pursue art professionally. I eventually became the first woman in my family to pursue art studies and create a profession from drawing. I wish she could have had the same opportunity back then!  l actually snuck in a shot from my profession as an animator in the video. When I started, it was a field dominated by men, and I’m proud to see so many women animators and directors now” noted by Helene Leroux.

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