Google Introduces New Spelling and Grammar Correction Capabilities for Gmail

Google has announced new exciting features for Gmail that will soon be rolled out for everyone. This time Google has made your spelling problems easy by launching Spell and Grammar Check feature to the app. Gmail already has the ability to predict the next text that users are going to ask; however, the typo grammar mistakes were still there. After a huge demand, finally, Google has introduced new Spelling and Grammar Correction Capabilities for Gmail.

This feature will help users with G suite accounts to write emails effectively with no errors. The new addition od spell and grammar check will trigger as soon as a user starts writing an email. To provide the best suggestions to people, the app will be using artificial intelligence that will not only detect the issue but will also offer ways to correct it.

New Spelling and Grammar Correction Capabilities for Gmail

Google announced that the feature would be rolled out to G suite users gradually. So if you are not getting it, don’t worry, you will get it soon. So now you will be writing error-free emails, you much be relieved.

The sad thing is that this feature is not available for regular users of Gmail. Might be possible that they will also receive this feature in a couple of months. Let’s hope for the best. Are you happy about this useful feature? Let us know in the comments section below.

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