Google is re-adding a Calendar App to Android Auto

Google is trying to make user’s experience better on Android Auto, and in order to do so, the company has released a new update giving some more amazing features to this car software. For this, the company is bringing back its calendar app, which will allow you to video information of their next appointment and will be getting driving directions if a location is added to the calendar entry.

In redesign 2019, Google had removed the calendar app from Android Auto and had replaced it with a new button that used to read appointments loud by using Google Assistant, and nothing used to show up on the screen. The latest update has also brought some shortcuts for the Calendar app, which means if you have to do some groceries, you can call them to ask if the product is available or not and can also get directions. Such a similar calendar feature was introduced by Apple back in 2019 for its CarPlay users, which also shows appointments as part of the iOS 13 updates.

Google to Include Calander App to Android Auto, Once Again

Google has also announced that it is working with partners to help users with creating apps and categories for Android Auto. These categories might include navigation, parking, and electric vehicle charging. Right now, Google has not revealed how these apps will be distributed. If the test is If the tests are successful, Google will make these APIs publically available so that developers stat working on car software.

No doubt, both of these are indeed big changes, especially the calendar one as people were anxiously missing this feature. Google constantly keeps on trying to make Android Auto experience better for its users, and with time no doubt, it is incorporating new features.

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