Google Is Rolling Out Chrome 75 For Android Users

We all know that Google rolled out the dark theme for the Android Users back in April. The option of Dark theme mode in the Chrome Version 74 was hidden behind a flag. Even though, some people didn’t know about the option. Recently, Google has started rolling out Chrome 75 For Android Users making the Dark mode option more accessible.

Chrome 75 For Android Also Brought Password Generator Option

Chrome Version 75 has finally brought the dark theme option to the browser’s Settings menu. However, Chrome will automatically switch to the dark theme by default when your device’s Battery Saver will be on. In this way, you can force it to always be light or always dark.

Chrome 75 For Android Also Added Password Generator Option

In addition to all this, Google has also added a password generator to Chrome. When you will tap a password input box you’ll see a new bar that will appear at the bottom. This bar will contain a key icon that you can tap to get a list of all your saved passwords for that site. Then there will be a  “Suggest strong password” option next to it. Choosing this option will automatically create a password for you.

Last but not least, the new version has also brought the Level 2 Web Share API. Now, all the websites can share files like images to the native Share menu on Android. Previously, you were only able to share text and URLs in this way. Furthermore, many new features have been introduced in this version. Do share with us in the comment section if you know about them.

Laiba Mohsin

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