Google Is Soon To Release Its Camera Watch

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Google is struggling to be comparable with companies like Samsung or Apple in terms of smart gadgets. Now it is planning to add a camera hole in the middle of the Smartwatch. The discovery was made earlier this week. The patent is named as “Camera Watch”. The sketch of Google Camera Watch is drooling over the internet nowadays.

The Camera Watch Trend

However, this is not the first time that a camera slot is embedded in the smartwatch. Samsung introduced cameras in Galaxy Gear and Gear 2, back in 2013 and 2014. At present, they are not in the limelight. They have become unpopular with the passage of time. Moreover, until now, Apple has not included the camera into its watch. Camera Watch will be now on the tech trend list after its launch.

More About Google Camera Watch

Though, Smartwatches have a small screen. It is very difficult to add a camera into its body. With the camera, additional functionalities are also added. In turn, more algorithms to design. Thus, famous companies skipped this idea due to these reasons. Nevertheless, this SmartWatch is most likely to be helpful in video calling while driving or shooting out a selfie video.

Google’s Smart Watch possesses a small but clear design. The tiny cutouts for front cameras are trending. It is possible that this design can really work if it is released. The date for its release is not disclosed until now. As a matter of fact, it is not confirmed whether Google will release it or not. Earlier, there were rumors that Google will launch its Pixel Watch in 2018. Later, Google declared that it is not ready even to release its own watch. Google has taken a bit of technology from Fossil. It is hoped that the company is seriously planning to produce its own wearables.

Let’s wait until Google confirms this.

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