Google Kids Space: New Feature for Android Tablets to Keep Children Safe

In this tech world, handling kids is getting more difficult than before. One has to make difficult decisions like setting the time for usage of the device as kids usually are not happy about such restrictions from parents. To help parents cope with this issue, Google is introducing Google Kids Space. It is a new mode for Android tablets that will house apps, books, and multiple videos. This new feature not only help parents control the device usage through its screen time limits and safety feature, but it is designed to keep children safe. There is a dedicated kids tab that can help parents to find teacher-approved apps fro their children.

Google Kids Space- All you Need to Know About it

This Kids space feature will be available on Lenovo Smart Tab M10 HD Gen 2 initially but will be expanded on Android tablets in some time.

While telling about this new addition, Google said:

“To evaluate and select “teacher-approved” apps in Google Play, we worked with academic experts and children’s education specialists to define rubrics. For Kids Space, we’ve built on that foundation and applied our quality standard to an ever-expanding library of apps and books in the Play and Read tabs. We worked with top publishers to make popular children’s books free of charge, and have over 400 free books available in the U.S. alone. In the Watch and Make tabs, your kids can view creative and fun videos from YouTube Kids that are engaging and encourage off-screen activities. And if you’re looking to customize, even more, parents can download additional content from Google Play.”

For Kids Space, you need to have a Google account of your child, and parental controls require the Family Link app on a supported Android device. There are 400 free books and creative and fun videos that can be viewed from YouTube Kids.

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