Google Launches project ‘Relate’ App for people with speech impairment

As we speak, technology is being redefined and reimagined. We’ve progressed from a time when touch displays were all the rage to a time when more senses are being integrated into our interactions with the digital devices that surround us. Technology, on the other hand, can only improve our lives if it is made available to each and every one of us. Google has taken the initiative and developed Project Relate, an Android application that aims to make technology more accessible to everyone.

About Project ‘Relate’

The app is called Project Relate, and it is designed to provide voice transcription and synthesis to make it easier for users to be understood. This application is designed specifically for persons who have difficulty speaking.

Project Euphonia, which was unveiled in 2019, is the source of the app. Later, Google made part of their Project Euphonia research public.

Dimitri Kanevsky, a Google research scientist with impaired speech, led the initiative and offered direct knowledge to the AI-based solution. Aubrie Lee, who works on the marketing team at the company (and named the app) and has muscular dystrophy, is now one of the project’s primary partners and app users.

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Why the app is developed?

Heavy accented people aren’t represented fairly in google assistant, which means they’re also not comprehended. Those with speech impairment are also excluded, making it impossible for them to use regularly used voice-activated devices. Many of the businesses that develop this technology are working to improve it so that it can recognize languages with heavy accents.

The app is still being evaluated, and applicants for beta testing positions will be contacted “in the coming months,” according to the business. However, this is a critical first step in improving speech recognition for people who speak in atypical ways.

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