Google Launches Question and Answer Forum for Maps

Each platform on internet is improving itself with each passing day as the users demand more innovative features these days. Today Google has launched another interesting features that will help the google users a lot. Google Launches Question and Answer Forum for Maps. The new ‘question and answer’ feature is added to ‘Maps and Search’.

Google Launches ‘Question and Answer’ Forum for Maps

The ‘question and answer’ feature will allow users to ask questions and likewise post their replies to the other queries.

To ask a question, users can search for the location on Google Maps or Search, open the listing, and scroll down to the “Questions & answers” section. They can also answer other questions and upvote informative replies by tapping on the thumbs-up icon.

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The most helpful content will appear towards the top.

The feature can be used to ask the community their thoughts on the best exhibits at a local museum, for instance, or the best time to visit a local attraction and avoid crowds.

Business owners will also be notified when questions are asked. Currently the feature is available for Android and mobile search

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