Google Launches Weather Frog Wearing a Mask

Have you ever searched ‘Weather’ in Google App on Android? If not, give it a try as now a cute weather frog mascot will welcome you when you search it. The froggy will be wearing a mask showing the weather in which we come across frogs. This cute mascot was found by a Reddit user.

While wearing a mask, froggy is doing daily tasks such as hanging up clothes, walking through a field, riding bikes. The mask worn by froggy is quite different and it also shows how froggy is trying to save itself from the COVID-19 virus.

Google Launches Weather Frog Wearing a Mask

However, some users also reported that they cannot see any mask on the froggy. To this, Google responded that the mascot with masks will be rolled out globally in a couple of days for Android users.

World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended has asked users to wear a mask while going outside home to prevent the coronavirus from catching them. By putting the mask on the frog , Google wants to encourage people to wear masks as through this, they can control the hr spread of the virus. These images are indeed targeted among users as there is no research the frogs can catch coronavirus.

Google is also bringing awareness among people regarding COVID-19 by showing useful information and articles about the pandemic. If a user searches something related to this pandemic on Google, he will see SOS Alert which shows news articles, etc. The company has collaborated with Apple as well on exposure notification to help people know when they are exposed to or near to someone with coronavirus.

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