Google Maps in New Look

Google gives new look to its maps with 3D effects, cards and social search. This new version of Google maps includes user-generated street views and live images of Earth’s cloud patterns.

Google says it has rebuilt Google Maps for the Web with a new version that’s more immersive and social.

Google Maps in New Look With 3D effects and Social Search

[blockquote cite=”Google’s Bernhard Seefeld”] It’s simple and powerful. The map is the user interface
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  • When users click on locations, information about those areas appears on cards. Information can include navigation, which offers a comparison between driving times and public transit times in one spot. Maps also offer social results, showing places that friends have reviewed.
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  • The Maps interface features a 3D view, which Google says does not require any additional software or browser plug-ins. This is a similar experience to what Google has offered in its Earth app. In fact, users can zoom all the way out to see the entire Earth with a live view of clouds.

One of the amazing new features in latest version is that users can upload Photosphere images to Google Maps, which is referred as a user-generated street view by Google. The picture/images can be uploaded by locations, adding an extra layer of information for people to view.


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