Google Maps’ Mixed Mode Feature to Launch Soon

Gone are days when we had to stop passing by people to inquire about any route. Now when we are confused about routes, we open Google Maps. Google Maps have come as a blessing for us and is getting better day by day. Every now and then we come across marvellous features which facilitates us in the best possible way. This time, the company has come up with a new useful feature- Mixed Modes. As the name suggests, Google Maps’Mixed Mode feature will show several modes.

Google Maps’ Mixed Mode Feature-Here’s What you Need to Know About it

With this new feature, the navigation app will be able to give transit directions, including different modes. Usually, when you want to go somewhere, Google Maps use to facilitate us with only one transit route, when there are several routes. Now with this new feature, users will get several routes that will make it easy to decide which route suits them.

One would be able to find Mixed Modes in the transit tab, which will also include ride-hailing and cycling options. The app will facilitate you with multiple directions, and you would be able to choose one. Furthermore, you will also get information about the cost of the ride-sharing service. Google maps will also give you complete information about the train or bus you are catching and will reveal the traffic on the way. The separate bike-friendly route will appear for cyclist.

The Mixed Mode feature of Google Maps will land for both Android and iOS in the next few weeks. So let’s wait for this feature to make our lives easier than before.

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