Google Maps Reviews now Support Hashtags for Quick Search

With the ever-growing trend of mobile and social media apps, Reviews are also getting popularity. Gone are days when people used to check in their locations when they visit any place. Now people give proper reviews, be it, video or just a written one. Keeping in view the ever-growing popularity of it, Googe has launched Hashtag feature for Google Map Reviews.

Now Hashtag your Googe Maps Reviews

Google Maps keep on launching new features for its users to make the app more easier to be used. Now Google Map wants its user to find suitable places to fulfil their needs. For this purpose, Google has launched a Hashtag feature that allows users to add hashtags to their reviews.

Google Maps hashtags

Google map hashtag feature is already rolled out for Android users however the only the selected members of Google maps can use it, as the feature is in a testing phase. Google has informed them that they can add hashtags (i.e. #familyfriendly, #wheelchairaccessible, #datenight) to their old reviews, as well as to the new ones.

Right now Google has not given facility of predefined hashtags instead people will have to add their own hashtags for that will give an overall picture of the restaurant that they have visited. So soon you will be able yo find hashtags like  #vegetarian, #steak, #greatdessert and so on.

Apart from restaurants, one can also hashtag certain locations that are identified by Google Maps. Right now there are no words when this feature will be available for iOS users.

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