Google Maps’ shared location pins gets refinement

Google Maps' shared location pins

Google Map is the finest navigation app on mobile phones these days. It is liked and frequently used by people around the world because of its convenience and easy way of tracking locations. Wherever we go and wherever we want to visit, Google Map is the easy solution. Another very essential tool is location sharing with friends and family so that they easily track the place and reach it without any hurdles. In a new update, Google Map is getting a refined look for the shared location pins.

Before this new update, the shared locations used to appear as a white pin shape icon with a contact profile photo in the center. Like on the physical maps, maps travelers used to mark the locations where they have to visit, same in the new update they change is brought in the shared location pins.

Google Maps’ Shared location pins’ look

The new look is very much like the original one but a few changes include the removal of the classic white border that used to make the file images prominent on the display. The new update may display the two different looks. One is the more detailed view of the person when the user clicks on the contact’s location. The other view is the standard display which shows where friends are on the map. For the first look, Google Maps adds a small pin below the image but it is without the white border which shows the exact location of the person without circling their photographs.

This is a small change in Google Map which has the purpose of getting a better and refined look at the shared location pins. But as far as the critique is concerned, the change is not a solid one. It seems that the modification is brought just for the sake of change. The changed icon stops the avatar from being prominent. The old icon used to stand out and catch the user’s attention. The white pin icon still appears when the user taps on the person’s name so maybe it will not make a major difference and users will keep on using the feature.

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