Google Maps Update adds Colorful images & Sidewalk info

Google maps is one of the most widely used platforms, and no doubt, it has made our lives easier. Due to this reason, and the ever-growing subscriber base of the platform, the company keeps on launching new updates and features to it, which further simplifies people’s lives. This time Google Maps has released an update that is more colorful than we would expect. The latest Google Maps Update has not only included colorful images and sidewalk info.

Google Maps Update adds Colorful images & Sidewalk info

Yesterday, in a blog post, Google announced the upcoming updates that will be a part of Google Maps. As already said, from the last few months, Google is extra active when it comes to launching new features. Moreover, the company s also releasing useful information for users within the app. The new interface will is so attractive that it will compel you to update the app.

This time Google has used colorful mapping algorithms to color out maps that represent geographical features and territories beautifully. As a result, we have got beautifully designed vibrant maps that are not boring to see any more. Lake, rives, and oceans are colored blue; lush areas are green, whereas deserts are tan.

Google also ensured that further improvements would be noticed by users, no matter they search for a large city or rural area. While telling about this colorful update, Google said:

“Soon”, we’ll be able to see more accurate maps of streets, sidewalks, and pedestrian islands to a more accurate scale. Google plans to begin rolling out more detailed street maps of London, New York, and San Francisco in the coming weeks” with the intention to expand to more cities over time.”

No doubt its a big update. Let us know what you think about it.

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