Google Meet Adds Saver Mode to Help you Remain Punctual in Meetings

Google Meet became one of the widely used platforms, thanks to Covid-19. It not only helped us stay connected to our loved ones but also made official meetings and online classes easier. While the Covid is not contained yet and we are now becoming victims of the third wave, people are fed up with work from home and study from home concepts. Due to this, many people started using shortcuts to leave the meeting and classes telling their bosses/teachers that their phone’s battery ran out of power. However, Google Meet wants you to be punctual, and in order to do so, it is soon going to launch Meet Saver Mode.

You can’t blame your phone’s battery for leaving a Google Meet video conference- Thanks to Saver Mode

When this mode is turned on, the data usage is restricted, battery usage is conserved and power needed for the CPU is reduced. This mode can be turned on by turning the Toggle on in the settings menu.

While this feature will not be welcomed by those who ditch official meetings and classes. there are some other features that are launched for the comfort of users.

These features include the ability of Android devices to respond to polls, being able to shut down a Google Meet video conference from iOS, and new safety features for educational users on Android.

Moreover Google Meet has also made available Q&A sheets for Google Workspace editions including Essentials, Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise, Education plus (Available to users with a “teacher” or “student” license), and G Suite Business.

Another amazing feature recently added is real-time captions. This feature is helpful when too many people are part of the meeting and it’s easier to know what they are speaking by reading captions.

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