Google Meet Extends Free ‘Unlimited’ Video Calling Support

Now the Google Meet users will enjoy the extended the availability of free ‘unlimited’ video calls (up to 24 hours)  until June 2021. The company made the availability of new extension for all Gmail users to make video calls via Google Meet.

Previously, Gmail users were allowed to make Google Meet video calls for free until March 31, 2021. The company announced that extension last year in September. Actually, Google is trying to help people to stay indoors during the ongoing coronavirus outbreak by offering free 24-hour video calling via Google Meet.

Google Meet Extends Free ‘Unlimited’ Video Calling Support

On Twitter, the official Google Workspace has announced the extension of ‘unlimited’ Google Meet calls. This move to offer free ‘unlimited’ video calls is to support people working from homes and taking remote classes due to the pandemic.

“This latest extension moves that timeline toward the start of the summer. Then as now, the extension will help friends and families stay in touch during the pandemic” according to Engadget.

Users will not pay any certain charges to make virtual calls with the latest extension of ‘unlimited’ Google Meet calls. They can make free calls by using free Gmail account for up to 24 hours. Users are allowed to connect with any of their contacts who have an Internet connection via a Google Meet call.

Google Meet allows users to add up to 100 participants to each of their Google Meet call. More interestingly, the participants even don’t need to sign in to their Google Meet app.

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