Google Meet Rolls Out new Noise Cancellation feature for iOS and Android devices

Google always love to be in the headlines because of its outstanding products and their updates. Google meet, a video-communication app manufactured by Google is launching a new Noise Cancellation feature that makes the user experience much more comfortable as its function is to filter out any disruptive noises while they are using the Meet service.

For using this new feature, you don’t have to buy expensive sound-cancelling headphones because now Google made everything possible by its cloud-based Artificial Intelligence. So, the function of cloud-based Artificial Intelligence is to process any noise it notices; it picks it up, and then eliminate it accordingly.

Google Meet Rolls Out new Noise Cancellation feature for iOS and Android devices

After launching the desktops in June, Google Meet is introducing its new function, all thanks to the noise-cancellation. This new feature is now available for Google Meet users on both iOS and Android mobile devices. Besides this, people using the application on the web can also take benefit of the latest functionality.

The new video-communication service is also including attendance reports for educational institutions. Furthermore, there is one thing that you should remember that this feature is OFF by default.

Moreover, to turn on this new feature on your android device, you have to click on the screen and then select More/Settings. Then turn on the feature before a video conference call. You can use the same method to enable this function on iPad and iPhone.

The noise-cancellation feature of Google Meet’s filters out any nearby unnecessary noises that include a sound of typing on a Keyboard, construction noises nearby your, sound of closing or opening a door and many more. But, it will not filter the voices of people speaking or voices from television.

Always remember that this feature is not available worldwide. The new feature is not available in Australia, India, Brazil, UAE, South Africa, Japan, New Zealand, and their immediately nearby areas, as per Google.

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