Google Meet Tile View Makes its way to iOS; Launch for Android Soon

Due do the coronavirus outbreak, in no time Google Meet has become one of the most widely used platforms primarily used for carrying on official meetings. In order to streamline users’ experience, Google improved the desktop layout which helped users see everyone in large meetings. This improved desktop layout was called tile view which is now coming to mobile apps. Initially, Google Meet tile view will launch for iOS devices and later on it will make its way to Android.

Google Meet Tile View Makes its way to iOS; Launch for Android Soon

A few weeks back, Google has announced Android and iOS view and has also outlined its plans for the future of work. The Tile view on iOS will let you see more people at one sight. With this new feature, up to eight participants can appear simultaneously while the additional people will be shown at the bottom right corner.

Each box at the bottom features the person’s name, whereas talk status is placed at the top right corner.

This is not the first feature launched for mobile users to enhance their experiences, previously, the company introduced “split-screen and picture-in-picture support helping users with seamless chat experience. Currently Google Meet is planning to introduce second screen experiences that allow you to host calls on multiple devices using the same account.

During covid days, when Meet was adopted by schools for online classes, the social media app launched a virtual hand raising in meetings that helped them communicate with teachers effectively.

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