Google Meet will Notify about the Poor Network Connection and Suggestions for Troubleshoot

Google Meet introduces a new feature that sends users an alert if their internet connection is poor. It also provides customized problem-solving recommendations as well as rapid actions to reduce the resource consumption of the video chat app.

Google also provides Workspace administrators with access to the Connect Quality Tool for viewing and troubleshooting instances when calls are not possible for users. As the new Google Meet features already started to roll out on June 1.

Google has announced a number of features to improve the calling experience at Google Meet. The Chat application will provide a “Notification Bubble, describing the issue, and a red dot from the ‘More Options’ menu if a user’s Internet connection is poor”.

Users can choose Troubleshooting & Help to get details about the problem and guidelines for troubleshooting. Google Meet will also make personalized recommendations to resolve problems based on detected performance issues.

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Google Meet will Notify about the Poor Network Connection and Suggestions for Troubleshoot

Google Meet

According to Google Meet, “This can be helpful in situations where available processing resources are affecting call quality, such as your device automatically lowers the speed of your CPU to increase battery life.”

Furthermore, Google Meet will recommend certain quick actions to improve the quality of your call. With these quick, one-click changes, fewer CPUs or network bandwidth can help to reduce app resource consumption. It will also give a better user experience, such as adding closed titles for a better understanding of the audio.

There is a refreshed Meet Quality Tool for Google Workspace admins, which will help them to analyze the reasons why the users fail to make a call. “You will notify with a new timeline icon that shows a failed join attempt, just hover over the icon to see additional information,” says Google.

When the user tries to join in a call that is at maximum participant capacity, the participating partner refused entry, requests that nobody responded to the call, or rejoined a call after the removal, the Google Workspace admins will be able to see all these failed connection attempts. With the new features for the Meet Quality Tool, admins can help users quickly without contacting Google for support.

All Google Workspace users, as well as basic and business clients of the G Suite use these new features. For Admins, the Meet Quality Tool update has already rolled out. While Google Meet will use new features on Google’s quick and scheduled rollout domains, users who have been registered in the previous domain are updated from June 1. Users in the scheduled rollout domain may have to wait for the new features for some more days.

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