Google Messages App New Feature will Save your Time

Google Messages App is the most widely used app of Android users who are sending thousands of messages to their loved ones by using this platform. So Android users who keep on sending text messages would have noticed a major change in Google messages App, i.e. you will be receiving suggestions for GIFsabove the block where you type your message.

Google Messages App New Feature Makes the App Interesting

The new feature recommends you GIFs based on your conversation that is currently going on. So its disadvantage is this that a GIF recommendation will not be shown until that particular line of the text has already been sent out. Google should make this feature more unique by letting users surprise their friends with hilarious animated GIF between the sentences.

How to Get GIFs Recommendation in Google Messages App?

In order to get recommendation in Google Messages, you need to select GIFs by tapping  “+” button on the extreme left of the text field. Upon clicking it, you will be able to select an emoji, search for a GIF, find a sticker, send or request a GPay money transfer and more.

The Google Messages app now makes GIF recommendations

This is a new addition to this apps as with the advent of WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and cost-effective data packages, more people have shifted to these platforms for messaging and even for calling too. So this addition might sound interesting for many people who will return to the app, in the long run, Moreover, Google needs to update its messaging app with more features to make it interesting.

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