Google Messages end-to-end encryption Passes Beta- Soon to Launch for Everyone

End-to-end encryption is extremely popular these days as it lets users keep their messages between the sender and receiver. Since all the messaging apps and companies have already incorporated it, Google messages also started testing end-to-end encryption in order to keep the conversation safe. After testing E2EE on beta, the feature is finally rolling out for everyone.

The newly launched E2EE needs both parties (sender and receiver) to have an enabled data/Wi-Fi as this feature does not work for SMS/MMS and group messaging. When these requirements are met, the system automatically actives the security layers for existing and new conversations.

Google Messages end-to-end encryption Passes Beta

Many might be thinking that how this encryption process works. Actually, Encryption converts the data into scrambled text that is not readable. This conversation can only be read with a secret key that is only available on the sender’s and receiver’s device. This key is generated for each and every message and deleted automatically from the sender’s device when the encrypted message is created and deleted from the receiver’s device when the message is decrypted.

Upon updating the app, you will be able to see a lock icon on the send button which shows that end-to-end encryption is enabled. In case E2EE is temporarily lost, the default behavior will automatically be on hold till the secure connection is restored.

One can also manually verify the unique verification code by tapping on the overflow menu > Details > Verify encryption.

No doubt, it was a much-needed feature especially in days when defaulters are waiting to compromise our data and data leakage scandals are normal. End-to-end encryption will add a layer of security for people.

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