Google Nest Devices Gets Advanced Protection

Google nest devices are getting the Advanced Protection Program, the company announced in a blog. It is now giving added security to its smart home devices. Now users can use their Goggle account for both Advanced Protection Program or for Nest, previously, a user could only use their Google account for either the Advanced Protection Program or for Nest.

Shuvo Chatterjee, product manager for Advanced Protection Program, wrote in a blog post:

“Since we launched, one of our goals has been to bring Advanced Protection’s features to other Google products, We want as many users as possible to benefit from the additional levels of security that the Program provides.”

Google Nest Devices Gets Advanced Protection

The Advanced Protection program is specially designed for those people who are at higher risk of targeted attacks online that include activists, business leaders, politicians, and journalists.

This new addition must need physical security keys, one of which has to be used with a password in order to access the account of the user as well as restricts most outside access to a Google account, blocking unknown apps and fraudulent attempts to access an account.

Gmail, Drive, G Suite, Chrome, Google Cloud, and Android have already incorporated with some Advanced Protection features.

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