Google New Music Recognition will Search the tune in Under 10 Seconds

In 2017, Google has launched a feature called Now Playing on the Pixel 2. This feature uses deep neural networks to bring low-power, always-on music recognition to mobile devices. Now Google has introduced a new version of Sound Search that is powered by some of the same technology used by Now Playing. Google New Music Recognition will Search the tune in Under 10 Seconds.

Google New Music Recognition uses a neural network to Search accurately from a Large Database

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You can use it through the Google Search app or the Google Assistant on any Android phone. Just start a voice query, and if there’s music playing near you, a “What’s this song?” suggestion will pop up for you to press. Otherwise, you can just ask, “Hey Google, what’s this song?” With this latest version of Sound Search, you’ll get faster, more accurate results than ever before.

Sound Search is much better than the previously launched Now Playing. Sound Search looks for matches in a much larger database that contains around 1,000 times more tunes than Now Playing. Sound Search also uses a neural network that is four times the size of the one used for Now Playing. It fingerprints the audio being named in .5 second intervals as compared to the one second intervals used with the system found on the Pixel 2 models.

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