Google New Video Feature is Coming to Mobile Browser

We all know well that it is so easy and simple to use Google Chrome but there is plenty of functionality which is not well-documented or easily discoverable. This is the reason that now Google is planning to add the video tutorials to the browser. The company has tested the upcoming video feature in the Chrome Dev and Canary channels.

According to Chrome Story, the Chrome users will get to see the video tutorials while inside the browser. These videos have started to surface on unstable variants of the mobile browser. Users can install that on their Android phone from the Google Play Store.

Google New Video Feature is Coming to Mobile Browser

“Originally discovered by Chrome Story, a new flag is present in the Dev and Canary Chrome channels called #video-tutorials. When the flag is set to ‘Enabled,’ a new card for videos appears below the site shortcuts on the New Tab Page. The card cycles through various videos, and after you’ve seen all of them, tapping it opens a list of all available videos. There’s also a share button at the top of the video player,” according to Android Police.

You can Watch a Quick demo in the video given below:

In order to check out the videos being tested on Canary, users will have to enable a flag. Users can do that if they install Chrome Canary and search for #video-tutorials. Users have to enable the flag which will add a new card for videos on the site.


Currently, the videos being offered to the users are actually placeholders for the Google Go app. The list of titles for these videos shows what we will get to see when the feature becomes live.

  • How to use Chrome.
  • How to download content for later.
  • How to use incognito mode.
  • How to search with Chrome.
  • How to search with your voice.
The code for the video tutorials in Canary indicates that this upcoming feature will only be available for Android users.
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