Google Partners with Microsoft to Bring More Progressive Web Applications to Play Store

The applications can be considered as the building blocks of Play stores and even the smartphone itself. They are constantly evolving over time, like the Progressive Web Applications (PWAs), which encompasses emerging browser Application Programming Interface (APIs) and other tools, along with progressive enhancement strategy, to deliver an application-like user experience to cross-platform web apps.

Google Partners with Microsoft to Bring More Progressive Web Applications to Play Store

According to a source, Microsoft has collaborated with Google to roll out more progressive web applications to Android smartphones through the Google Play Store. An official from Microsoft, Judah Gabriel Himango, confirmed the new development in a post.

Currently, Google’s Bubblewrap and Microsoft’s PWABuilder are working together to assist web developers in attaining their PWAs into the Google Play Store.

Microsoft’s PWABuilder is an open-source developer tool that assists web developers to design high-quality progressive web apps and upload them in app stores.  On the other hand, Google’s Bubblewrap is a command-line utility and library to build and sign Play Store packages from PWAs.

The officials from Microsoft said that the new features would be easy to implement. It implies that the users would be able to make use of the apps with the latest features.

The two companies will roll out these new features for PWAs developers after months of mutual operations. The new features incorporate web shortcuts support, and advanced Android features and customization. It would also lead to the creation of more and improved apps.

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