Google Photos 3D Cinematic photos Make you Relish Old Memories

Google Photos is the best app that has ever landed for people who love to save memories. With time, Google Photos has become more than just saving your favourite pictures to safe storage as it is launching new features to make users’ experience better. Now Google has come up with an amazing new feature to is photos app. Named Cinematic Photos, this feature will turn regular photos to 3D cinematic photos. Google Photos 3D Cinematic photos Make you Relish Old Memories.

This feature will work automatically for creating 3D kind of effect of your shots that are present in the memories section of the app. The basic idea behind this feature is that a user does not have to do anything with the app, in fact app will automatically select good pictures of users and convert them into a cinematic mode. These cinematic phots will then be sent to the highlights at the top of Photo grid.

Here is the demo of Google Photos Cinematic Photos:

This feature is designed to help users cherish the memories in a more realistic way. For this feature to work,  the company uses machine learning for predicting an image’s depth and later on produces a 3D representation of the scene. The best thing about this feature is that it works even when the original image does not include much information regarding depth.

When Google Photos is done with it, finally, it animates a virtual camera giving your image a smooth panning effect that is given in movies for giving smoothness.

This feature is all set to launch for users next month. Users will be able to share these cinematic photos with users by sending them as videos. The company is yet to reveal the method for it however since this feature is one month away, the company will be giving more details about it soon.

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