Google Photos Redesign is Rolling out with new Icon and Features

Google is rolling out a new update to its photos app. Google photos app was launched five years back and has improved a lot since its inception. Over the years, it has helped users to keep memories to ravish it. According to the company, most of the people are using this app to see memories as the app offers a story like a feed to show how last year went by. Keeping the growing interest, Google is launching a new design coming to UI including a brand new icon. The new icon will look like a pinwheel and it is colorful to look visually appealing. Google Photos Redesign is Rolling out with new Icon and Features.


Google Photos major redesign rolling out with new icon, photo map search, and simplified UI

Other than that, there are now three basic tabs instead of four i.e; Photos, Search, and Library. The photo tab will now have larger thumbnails having less space between photos and it also supports auto-playing videos. A new memories carousel is introduced which will show you a variety of memories such as memories with close friends and loved ones, memories from trips, and highlights from the previous weeks. It also facilitates you to hide memories from a certain time or a group of people.

Google Photos Redesign

The search tab is updated with a new interactive map that will be helpful in finding memories. Users were requesting this feature from last some years and finally, they have got it. With this feature, users can search for photos by pinching and zooming on a map or one can also see how the maps move when you scroll through the photos.

Google reminds us that you can always remove data location or disable Location History and Location permission from the camera. Moreover, the library tab will help you see Albums, trash, archive, and favorites. In order to enjoy the updated version of Google Photos, you can download it from Google Play Store or app store.

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