Google Photos Suggested Sharing Feature May Roll Out In Near Future

Google Photos v4.8 has just released. This new update has brought a lot of new changes. Among them, Google Photos Suggested Sharing Feature is on the top of the list.  It is a new or enhanced feature for automatically suggested sharing.

Google Photos Suggested Sharing Feature Is Currently Called Peoplekit

We all know that the suggested sharing feature made its first teardown appearance almost two years ago. Recently, it got spotted again in vague words. This feature reminds people to send photos over to friends that are identified in the pictures they had taken. This new sharing feature is currently called Peoplekit.  Furthermore, it will work by using your interactions to suggest and streamline sharing.

Google Photos Suggested Sharing Feature May Roll Out In Near Future

In addition to that, Google is also working on a new share menu redesign as well. The new share redesign will provide a faster user experience. Furthermore, the Google Photos sharing menu will become shorter, thus allowing the images previewed above to be larger. However, pictures in the landscape format will be unfortunately cropped into a square. On the other hand, the portraits and screenshots of anything will be shown in full. The new redesign will get benefit from the larger screen real estate. This new revamped UI will change many things. This type of faster redesign had already made its way to Google News and Google Maps and now it is all set to make its way to the Google Photos For Android. Let’s see when will this new redesign roll out to all Google Photos Users.

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