Google Photos to Gain a Couple of New Options for Android Users

Google Photos is planning to enable a couple of new option for Android users. A new version of Google Photo is now available for download in the Play Store, but it does not have any of the improvements that we are going to discuss in this blog today.


There are clear indications within the app that shows Google Photos will soon received a couple of new options for users Android devices. It seems that Google plans to add a new option which will allow you to free some cloud storage by lowering the quality of your photos. More interestingly, now you will be able to download your original photos from the cloud before you downgrade them.

Google Photos to Add New Options for Android Users

In addition, a set of new controls in Google Photos will let you to adjust the bokeh effect to make more subtle or more intense. These controls will be included in the photo editing interface where there are the color adjustments.

So, in near future you will be able to apply some of smooth bokeh effects of portrait mode and will control the intensity of the blur.

However, the exact date of the release of these new features are unknown, but this is confirmed that soon you will see these new options and will enjoy the experience.

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