Google Photos to Get a New Editing Feature for Removing Audio from Video

Google Photos is about to launch a very useful feature. The feature might be small, but its impact is significant, and I am sure most of the people will use that feature. Discovered by Jane Wong, Google Photos is adding a new editing feature, an option that will let users removed the audio from the video.


Usually, when we have to send videos to someone and at the background, we have some silly voices, we either have to downloads another app which offers such feasibility to remove it, or use our mobile, if it has this feature. In actual, this is the most demanded feature and every now, and then we send videos whose background audio needs to be removed for one or another reason.

Google Photos to Get a New Editing Feature

This feature is already present in the Android version of Google Photos however t s limited to just the app. The new feature that is about to be launched is vast, and t is the first complex feature in terms of video editing from the company. Presently, the app has just a few video editing feature, so the addition of a new feature will make a difference.

Right now, the launch date of this feature is not known as the company itself has not announced it. So just wait and watch.

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