Google Pixel 3 Pink Variant is the most Beautiful Choice for Girls

Last week Google’s Japanese site launched “coming soon” teaser revealing the three colour options for Pixel 3. One was white in colour with mint accents, other one mind-coloured, and a black one with white accents. New leaks suggest that the fourth colour option will also be unveiled probably it will be Google Pixel 3 Pink Variant.

Google Pixel 3 Pink Variant coming soon

The Twitter users found the code to get another colour scheme that isn’t viewable.

The overall colour scheme would be very fabulous with pale pink background and black accents. It clearly shows that Google will soon release a pink or peach colour scheme.

The colour scheme in the above image is incomplete, maybe Google’s want to surprise us and let us guess the colour.  When this colour will arrive it will be available on certain pixel 3 models as teaser do not show whether it’s referring to large pixel devices or not.

Google announced 1st Pixel devices in San Francisco but the company decided to hold the launch event in New York City this year. The Pixel 3 is expected to be announced on October 9.

Are you going to buy Pink pixel 3?

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